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Links & Resources


Official site for Perrin Technqiue which includes a map of the available clinics.

Perrin's Book on Amazon.


The following are links to videos which I have found useful in particular to understanding more about the various theories involved:

The Perrin Technique documentary (2012)

Perrin Lecture (2009)

CrashCourse - Autonomic Nervous System (watch episodes #13, #14 & #15)

CrashCourse - Lymphatic System


The following lists the supplements I have taken throughout the treatment period with links via Amazon. I have also included alternative links where approrpiate. I make no formal recommendation - these are the products that were recommended to me or I researched.

PharmaEPA Restore - replenishing EPA in initial phase of treatment.

PharmaEPA Maintain - on-going EPA supplement.

Super-B Complex - energy support

The above products maybe cheaper via the manufacturers site Igennus using Perrin discount code and loyalty points.

Vitamin D - suggested by GP for general health reasons.


As with the supplements list but these were part of the detox treatment. 

Chlorella -  a nutrient-dense algae that binds to heavy metals in the body.

Milk Thistle - to support digestion & liver function for the detox process.

Ginger - helps digestion, reduces nausea.

Psyllium Husk - supports good digestive function for the detox. I mixed into a bowl of porridge every day.

Coconut Oil - binds to the chlorella in the body to aid the detox process. I add it to boiling water with some lemon cordial (tastes like Lemsip!).

Probiotic - suggested by GP & Perrin for a wide range of health reasons. 

ME Support & Information Sites

The ME Association provides useful information about the condition and what might help . 

The NHS Choices website offers information on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

You can find further information about CFS at

Other Kit

The following are items which I used during the treatment with a description of their use where appropriate:

Massage Oil - recommended by Ian the osteopath as a quality massage oil

Cold Compress Wrap - ideal for being able to do the cold compress between the shoulder blades

Timer+ iPhone App - allows a sequence of timers to structure the daily exercises


‘Pacing’ is about balancing activity and rest to help manage M.E. and work towards recovery. I found this to be absolutely critical in my recovery. The simple technique was to only do half of what you felt confident in doing. A guide to pacing is included at the bottom of the page.


 The hypothalamus controls certain metabolic processes and other activities of the Autonomic Nervous System. Functions of the hypothalamus:

  • controls the release of 8 major hormones by the pituitary gland
  • controls body temperature
  • control of food and water intake, hunger and thirst
  • control of sexual behavior and reproduction
  • control of daily cycles in physiological state and behaviour also known as circadian rhythm
  • mediation of emotional responses

Autonomic Nervous System

The autonomic nervous system regulates certain body processes, such as blood pressure and the rate of breathing. This system works automatically (autonomously), without a person’s conscious effort and has two main divisions: sympathetic & parasympathetic.

The following is an entertaining and speedy description: CrashCourse (YouTube)  

Names for M.E.

ME Association description

M.E. -  Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

  • name prefered by patients but medically inaccurate so disliked by the medical profession.

CFS - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • prefered by the medical profession but disliked by the patient community as it perpetuates misunderstandings about causation and management of the disease and results in dismissive attitudes from both healthcare providers and the general public.

PVFS -  Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome

  • Name to refer to ME/CFS when there is evidence of a viral trigger to the condition.


  • combined term often used to bring together the medical & patient communities.