giving m.e. sufferers hope

about Melvyn

Melvyn is not my real name!

I wanted to keep a minimal line between this project and my personal and professional life  in case of any potential discrimination in the future. However, its not a great secret and I'm not hiding anything!

If you haven't spotted it, the name came from the website - ME 'lvyn' (me-living)!

Why do this?

Before M.E., the only other health issues I have suffered from have been self inflicted, normally through sport or other activities. Having M.E. has been a life changing experience and never before have I felt so helpless. I found my way through it and want to help others do the same.

Trust is an important aspect to this so I am sharing  personal information so you understand the context for the rest of the site.

Melvyn & Perrin

The only link I have to Dr Perrin & The Perrin Technique is being a very satisfied patient. There is no affiliation or commercial arrangement and my recommendation is based on my personal experience & research only.

Who am I?

I had a VERY active life before M.E. I am married with two teenage girls and a dog. The girls are very sporty and require lots of time commitment.  The dog is large and is walked in the local hills. I love my running (road & fell) and sailing. I am a senior manager in a large organisation, responsible for digital technologies. I have a background in business and IT. I like taking on big transformation projects.

So in summary, active, healthy, lots of 'good' stress and a methodical approach to challenges.