giving m.e. sufferers hope

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Hi, I'm Melvyn and I'm sharing my experience of recovering from M.E. to try and help other sufferers.

Introducing melvyn's 'what's wrong with me?'


My Mission

I was descending into the oblivion of M.E. with very little hope. However, I got lucky and I am well on the way to  recovery now.

I want to help the millions of other sufferers who I know still struggle to find an answer to 'what's wrong with me?'. I have come to realise there is a lot wrong with the world of 'M.E.'.

My goal is to provide sufferers with some hope. Whether a recent or long term sufferer of M.E., you may be unaware of an explanation and treatment to control your symptoms, improve your quality of life and potentially fully recover from this horrific condition.


My Story

In January 2019 I 'crashed' with what turned out to be M.E. A normally very fit and healthy person was suddenly very ill. My GP was supportive but unable to help, I was heading off from work on long term sick without any understanding when or if I might recover, none of my financial insurance  applied and family and friends just didn't understand what I was going through.


Putting The Pieces Together

I stayed positive throughout. I always had a plan. But most of all, I got lucky.

My wife's friend at work had also had M.E. several years ago and had recovered. She had seen an osteopath called Perrin, who had a treatment and had written a book which she loaned to me. All my previous searching of the internet had failed to find this Perrin so I was very sceptical. However, after a quick scan, I recognised both an honest approach to the writing and a scientific basis to the treatment. With no other options, I decided to book an appointment. I had nearly 3 months to wait so had plenty of time to become more au fait with 'The Perrin Technique'. I never looked back.

If you are or have been a Perrin patient, please see this section.

This website describes all the pieces of the M.E. jigsaw I have been able to put together including my experience of Perrin and how I am now on the 'road to recovery'.